Tarmac Aerosave joins forces with Aero Design for Upcycling

Tarmac Aerosave joins forces with Aero Design for Upcycling

posted the : 20.12.2018

TARMAC Aerosave, the French group specialising in commercial aircraft maintenance, storage, and recycling, has signed a partnership with Aero-Design, an aviation decoration brand. The agreement concerns the development of a range of decorative items made from aircraft parts dismantled by TARMAC Aerosave. This upcycling project is part of a circular economy, giving aircraft parts a new life.

Recycling and upcycling end-of-life aircraft

TARMAC Aerosave is the European leader in managing end-of-life aircraft. While the majority of planes stored at its Tarbes, Toulouse and Teruel sites are returned to service-- most of them due to a change of operator or owner --around a quarter are destined for recycling.
TARMAC Aerosave has a recovery rate of 92% and, after dismantling and sorting, sends the (electrical, metallic, textile, etc.) parts to recycling facilities. The whole approach is eco-friendly with a cold die cutting process for fuselages, water control to avoid dust and a unique diamond wire cutting gantry.
For this new partnership, TARMAC Aerosave sets aside some of the finer parts that are not intended for another market or recycling, so that Aero- Design can give them a new life. This is "upcycling", creating unique objects and giving them new value.

TARMAC Aerosave and Aero-Design, key plays in the life cycle of aircraft

Founded by an artist who is an aviation enthusiast, Agnès Patrice-Crépin, Aero-Design has made a name for itself by transforming aviation parts into unique ornaments and avant-garde furniture. The range includes jewelry, trophies and corporate gifts.
After several successful collaborative projects with TARMAC Aerosave, particularly for the company’s 10th anniversary, the idea of a partnership seemed only natural. It corresponds to a growing demand from enthusiasts and collectors that TARMAC Aerosave cannot meet. As the company operates at an industrial scale, it cannot personalize each request and take the time to work on individual parts. This is exactly where Aero-Design’s expertise comes into play.
TARMAC Aerosave coming together with Aero-Design is part of a circular economy which provides a new, sustainable role for portholes, wings and connecters. TARMAC Aerosave takes care of dismantling the aircraft. And Aero-Design immortalizes these removed parts, showing their best side.


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