Since 2016, TARMAC Aerosave is an approved Part-147 Maintenance Training Organization.


Our activities cover a wide range of training courses, from FOD training to Type Rating, including "Engine Run-up" training in the simulator, and "Aeronautical Culture and Technology" training, which enables support staff to gain a better understanding of the world of aeronautics.

Concerned about the quality of our training courses, we pay particular attention to listening to our customers and offer customised training courses to best meet their needs.

Training can be realized at TARMAC Aerosave’ facilities and/our at Customer’ facility, depending on number of trainees and schedule.

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We can deliver the below trainings for PART 145 :


Human factors (initial / continuous)
Initial 7h/ in accordance with MOE
Part145/MOE regulation (initial / continuous)
Initial 4h/ in accordance with MOE
MOE/SMS awareness in Part 145 environment
initial 3,5h
Fuel Tank safety / Cdccl (initial / continuous)
Initial 7h/ in accordance with MOE
FOD (Foreign Object Debris) (initial)
initial 4h


Aeronautical knowledge & culture
Initial 7h
Advanced aeronautical knowledge & culture (include simulator)
Initial 14h
Oxygen circuit installation
Initial 4h
Gen FAM Airbus A320
Initial 35h
Engine Run up A320 training (theorical & pratical on simulator)
Initial 8h / Refresh 4h
A320 simulator time slot rental with instructor
Simulator instructor training
Initial 8h / Refresh 2h

We can deliver the below trainings for PART 147 :


Type rating (T1/T2) A320 (CFM56 ; IAE V2500 ;LEAP/A)
Type rating (T1/T2) A330 (GE CF6 ; RR TRENT700 ; PW4000)
Type rating (T1/T2) A340 (CFM56)
Type rating (T1/T2) B737NG (CFM56)
Type rating (T1/T2) B777 (GE90 ; PW4000 ; RR TRENT)
Genfam A320 (T4)
Genfam A330 (T4)
Genfam A340 (T4)
Genfam B737 (T4)

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