TARMAC Aerosave offers aircraft & engine owners and operators parking space for more than 280 aircraft and 120 engines in Europe. We can accommodate all types of aircraft from regionals to A380 types. TARMAC Aerosave's mission is to preserve and maximize the asset value during its storage period by applying rigorous Maintenance tasks.

we meet

TARMAC Aerosave applies special measures for aircraft & engine care and protection during parking and storage periods. We provide appropriate technical support to strictly follow Manufacturers’ guidelines for handling parked aircraft & engines.

All operations are conducted in compliance with EASA / FAA Part 145 regulation and environmental legislation.

we respect the environment

TARMAC Aerosave stores all aircraft on its sites using
the necessary control measures and appropriate surfaces
to avoid any ground pollution or aircraft damages.

we operate in
Fair-weather conditions

Our three sites are
far from saline environment
to limit aircraft corrosion.


Storage capacity > 100 aircraft,
100 engines


Storage capacity > 140 aircraft,
20 engines


Storage capacity > 40 aircraft

We are dedicated to support

  • Aircraft Transitions
  • Aircraft Lease Redeliveries
    130 aircraft redelivered in 2021
  • Aircraft Retired from Service

Custom Duties & Importation VAT exemption
from all our facilities.

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