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TARMAC Aerosave, the leading aircraft storage, maintenance and recycling company in Europe, has just completed the first ever A380 dismantling project, a pioneering operation that was announced a year ago. Already recognised as the expert in storage for this superjumbo jet, TARMAC Aerosave is bringing the three other major areas of competence in the Pyrenean group to bear on this aircraft: transition, recycling and very soon maintenance, a B check being announced for March.

Completion of the first A380 dismantling project

TARMAC Aerosave has completed the first A380 dismantling project, which was launched at the beginning of this year. TARMAC Aerosave managed this project in collaboration with the aircraft owner, the German Dr Peters company, and the end of life manager, the American company VAS Aero Services for the sale of the spare parts.

This A380 benefited from the TARMAC Aerosave's exclusive eco-responsible services (cold-cutting, lubricating, draining, selective sorting) which made it possible to recycle over 90% of the overall mass. Spare parts are thus now available on the pre-owned market. A second dismantling project is under way.


Feedback: bespoke tools and strengthened safety procedures

It is now time to analyze the feedback after this operation, which required the development of new processes and made-to-measure tools. The complex dismantling of all of the parts required all of the expertise of TARMAC Aerosave in the design of cradles and fuselage-moving equipment.
During the dismantling phase for heavy parts at height, personnel safety procedures were strengthened.


Future A380 storages and transitions

Since it is TARMAC Aerosave's first activity, other aircraft of this type are currently in storage and in transition. The French group is in fact offering its hangars and parking areas that have been specially built for the A380, on its site at Tarbes. The same capacity is being developped in Teruel (Spain). Maintaining them in operational condition makes it possible for them to re-enter service at any moment.
Since 2007, 560 aircraft from all manufacturers, out of a total of 850 stored, have re-entered service.


A380 B Check planned for March 2020

TARMAC Aerosave is announcing that a B Check will take place in March 2020.
Already certified for all types of maintenance on commercial airplanes, TARMAC Aerosave is adding this service to its "one-stop-shop" offer. For A380's, TARMAC Aerosave also has expertise in cabin modification and technical uprating based on the manufacturer's latest recommendations (Implementation Service Bulletins).

TARMAC Aerosave's transition centre is now able to ensure all types of operations relating to management of an airplane withdrawn from service and throughout its life cycle. This is the only service of this type on offer worldwide.

"We are very proud of these industrial successes, obtained with the largest airplane currently in service in the world. TARMAC Aerosave is pursuing its goals in innovation and adaptation in the air transport market, anticipating its customers’ needs and the evolution of environmental standards." says Patrick Lecer, President of TARMAC Aerosave.



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